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Where There’s a Spark!

“Where there’s a Spark!”

…Is a Fireworks! exhibition about burning and wanting to burn. It consolidates issues of sacrifice and letting go, is a spontaneous eruption to desecrate, to take it all away, to see what’s left, to extinguish and to ultimately make room for regeneration and growth.

A Fireworks! fire is a roaring, spitting, ferocious, all consuming fire using media such as bitumen, fiberglass, wax crayon, acrylic and oil paint, various epoxies, glues, creosote, paraffin, petrol and a spark. They are, above all, experiments in an attempt to explore the nature of fire and how I could capture its diversity.

Fire is transient and a depiction of fire always less so – it’s not a fact of data so much as a quality of interpretation. The challenge, for me, in depicting fire is one of implying this movement along with emphasizing and trusting the spontaneity of the process, discovering the journey and actually trying to burn. I have adopted the discovery of the cyclical nature and life of fire as my own ritual. The practice of this ritual like most is a meditative tool for an internal process or reflection.

However and whenever it may occur there comes a time, consciously or unconsciously for burning…. I have been variously reminded that, that time for me, is now.

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