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STAD / CITY : TO LET / FOR SALE -the rebirth of the prospector-


The changing face of the Joburg CBD (2003-2010) as witnessed and photographed
by, artist in residence, Alastair Mclachlan from the INTERMISSION gallery.
Responding to the increasing interest in the rejuvenation of the city, and the
unique dichotomy of the inner city this exhibition sets out to create an image
of the Joburg CBD that conveys and engages both the reality of her social context whilst
providing a place for the world of our imagination.
Part documentary, part lyrical reverie, part location scout look out.

18th Floor, LISTER MEDICAL BUILDING. 195 Jeppe St.
083 561 8536 / www.intermission.co.za

– the rebirth of the prospector –

Is a view of central Johannesburg (2003-2008) from PRIVATE PRACTICE :
19th Floor, LISTER MEDICAL BUILDING. 195 Jeppe St.

Is about Johannesburg : a, sometimes, picture-postcard Johannesburg, an unashamedly glass
half full reflection and appreciation for the diversity and real-world colour that is here to witness
and believe in in-between some less illuminated moments.

It is also a deliberately one dimensional, singular perspective that is voyeuristic, but nevertheless
candid and real. It is Johannesburg, as I have seen it, from the inside out.

For my money life in Johannesburg is nothing without heart, like Africa is nothing without a beat.
Above all please remember that people live here. Forsake not the heart of gold because hope
grows here.

Sunday in central Johannesburg is colourful and for the most part free of the usual traffic

and hustle, a quiet respite that offers a glimpse of a city’s soft underbelly. Sunday is a day of rest, laundry and worship. Rooftops are awash with colorful clothe lines blowing in an acoustic breeze
filled with the harmonies, of informal multi-denominational praise, I like to call street idols.

I hope that the stories come through, of how it is without make-up, undressed on a rooftop.

I invite you to see Johannesburg through my eyes and I truly wish you were here, in a Johannesburg as you would choose to see it.

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