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I’m no weather man but I’ve heard that the stuff cities are made of and the way they are made, creates a micro climate. This means that the temperature in the Joburg CBD can differ by up to 2 degrees, hotter or colder, than its surrounding suburbs. The factors that contribute to this difference may even include street orientation, street width, city mass distribution, the impact of shadows, anthropogenic heat and the contribution of vegetation, but suffice to say solar heat gets trapped by all the steel and concrete.
It seems possible, as seen from the 19th floor in the heart of Joburg, that a resulting column of rising warm air affects the path of incoming storms. I’ve often witnessed storm clouds rolling straight in, seemingly deflected so that they track the peripheral edges of the city instead. Sometimes completely circling it, while the sky above is still clear, trapping me in a 360 degree curtain of lighting.

Lightning 3_600These two were taken out of town.

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