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How to do Business in Africa

Penguin regularly publishes little gems and How To Do Business in Africa rates among these. A very useful and brief guide to the cultures and etiquette foreign business investors are likely to face during negotiations and the forming of relationships. This guide focuses on Sub-Saharan Africa and deals in continental issues such a political stability, and then looks at finer details of the different cultures, religion and business environments. A pocket-sized ‘must-have’ for any serious investor in the every so often, volatile African business community.
– Waldo Malan

This practical, pocket-sized guide to doing business in sub-Saharan Africa will give you the information and skills you need to succeed.
• Understand African business culture, run remote teams and achieve your business goals in this relatively untapped market
• Tips, checklists and ‘Ask yourself’ features show you how to establish a presence and build lasting business relationships
• Tables, illustrations, fact boxes and real-life case studies enable you to understand the African market and the challenges that may be faced.

Author : Ntebo Rajuili
ISBN-10 : 0143026631
Barcode / ISBN-13 : 9780143026631
Publisher : Penguin SA
Cover art : Alastair Mclachlan

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