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Glass House II

Mirrored glass
This building’s windows don’t open.

It is a completely self-sufficient, self sustaining, oxygen recycling
marvel of modern architecture (in its day).

Today it stands completely empty, even the mattresses moved out long ago.
If the JHB CBD were a thriving universe of construction and the renovation of hope,
this building would be the biggest singular black hole in that world.

It is empty, and absorbs nothing, reflecting everything else.
It spends its time within, the most successful of introverts,
It holds a dark hearted secret and even the secret is empty
an empty promise….a disappointment.

The air in the rooms is stale, hanging in limbo,…..Still.

If everything behind these windows is lifeless, everything it reflects must be alive ?

That’s what we see, the most evident, the reflection.

Somewhere in this reflection is a reflection of myself :
The photographer, the spectator, the critic and the ever hopeful resident.

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