My mother always had an instamatic lying around the house and I even inherited her compact little manual camera, with the simplest green light light meter.

I dabbled but never really caught the bug.

My high school offered photography as part of it’s art curriculum and an attentive teacher who’s critical eye and opinion I respected.

-Proper dark room techniques and all. I would have liked a proper foundation in photography…but

I only really started using a camera as a resource and reference tool for my paintings.

(I was especially interested in the etherial and abstract light leaks and leading and tail end abstracts.)

In truth i was always too irreverent for film, I shoot from the hip and the moment takes precedence.

There is, however, in my opinion a certain deliberation when shooting film, a pause in the consideration of technique and aim, that encourages a harder look at ones subject, a certain pre meditated vision.

Digital is more disposable, more forgiving of error and ultimately easier in the sense that it enables pre thought… but lacks digestion.

My interests are extremely varied but certain themes or subjects have persisted.

This page is for all those other less discernibly motivated off shoots.