What fire implies in terms of its nature, spiritual and symbolic sense is so much more than is immediately visible or consciously evident. Fire burns in many forms and in order to comprehend its significance, one needs to understand/experience fire as destruction, as transmutation and as regeneration, as violence and as reassurance.

Drawing on the associations between the life of fire and the restlessness of life: Restlessness is incontentness, is a state of tension, is an intent to move away from, it implies movement but is essentially pre-action. Without release, restlessness multiplies, friction builds…. and in this sense my interest in fire was born from restlessness and the desire for change.

Fire is transient and a depiction of fire always less so – it’s not a fact of data so much as a quality of interpretation.

Why fire?…I wouldn’t call my interest/involvement with fire an obsession but rather part co-incidence, part necessity….There is an aspect to my investigations of fire that is purely documentary, vaguely Promethean even. I have stolen images and memories of fire for further and later digestion and realized, in a very real sense, that fire releases:

Fire, in its power to destroy, cleanse, warm and heal, appealed to my curiosity about what it means to be “alive”. It has occurred to me that even though I am personally fixated by this element there are an extraordinary amount of references and indications of fire in and around us and especially in the media…. that the current political, personal, environmental and global climate we find ourselves in literally demands from us some sort of internal process of self-reflection, of comparing and separating, that which is true and useful from that which is simply “baggage”.

However and whenever it may occur there comes a time, consciously or unconsciously for burning…. This is my purification ritual and an open invitation for others to do the same.