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This is, first and foremost, a page for pictures I have taken of fire, water, air and earth.
I have, however, chosen to represent them here in the context of their position on a medicine wheel.
I do this because any further contemplation on a specific element should, in my experience, lead you to further understand the nature of the other elements as well.
Many of the pictures featured here are essentially made from my need to understand this relationship, and the meaning and importance of them being in balance, better.

Over a period of roughly four years I was involved, in the capacity of fire-keeper, in a series of elemental/earth based traditional workshops, rituals and practices. Primarily it was my job to bless, set and nurture a large fire containing between 12 and 20 boulders. Over a period of about 3 hours these boulders become glowing red/orange and are then, during a “purification” ritual, placed within a pre-dug hole within what is best described as an organic igloo, or sweat lodge.

The lodge itself is situated within a blessed space organized according to the cardinal points and their respective representative elements. These elements, namely fire in the east, water in the south, earth in the west and air in the north, are intended to represent the unity and wholeness/balance of the universe and once blessed, create a safe container for spiritual discovery.

The practice of this ritual like most is a meditative tool for an internal process or reflection. Although, mostly, external to the rituals within the lodge I have adopted the discovery of the cyclical nature and life of fire as my own ritual.

My realization has been that each process needs ones undivided attention and patience. Transformation comes from within and what comes next can’t be properly birthed without the summation of the previous stage…In short this practice is about exposure, burial and rebirth. It’s a memory of the fire within, of looking back and deciding what was good and what was worthwhile and what worth forgiving and then what… it’s a representation of memories to assimilate and then discard or destroy.