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Cellular light600
After everything else I have said about Drive-ins there is something about my fascination that although inherent in Drive-ins has nothing at all to do with Drive-ins.

There is a common factor in almost all my other works that, I think, has something closer to do with a portal or terminal: an object of focus to plug into that both intrigues and delights. In some instances I believe that the only enduring value is making some light, creating animacy out of inanimacy and transcendence out of the material through meditative contemplation.

Terminal (adj.) 1.at or being an end. 2.(of an illness) ending in death. (-n.) 3.terminating point or place.4.point where current enters or leaves an electrical device. 5. keyboard and VDU having input and output links with a computer. 6.place where people or vehicles begin or end a journey.

The poles of my imagination are life and death. Although this may be so fundamental and general that is seems banal they are merely points of reference to measure our relative distance from each.

I am not obsessed with death. It is a starting point rather than an end. I find myself rather, as a result, more conscious of the energy of life even when it is least obvious. I am amazed by the extraordinary adaptability and obstinacy of life.

Drive-ins seem rigid and still in the way they mimic death but at the same time exhibit a subtle Promethean quality that seems to defy it. The idea of Drive-ins for me verges on the epic.

This work is both 2D and 3D. The picture plane is so thin and the cell-like texture seems to suggest a cross-section slither through an excavated Drive-in ( on a biological level.)
From afar the screen appears flat and blank, a quite space within the movement of the rest of the picture. Upon closer observation this space/shape is not as distinct as one first imagined. It shimmers in a way that recalls Rothkos’ colour field paintings.

As an apparently enclosed shape it is opaque, though simultaneously travels outward and absorbs inwardly, it is light that one’s able to move through but not see through.
The colour an object is or appears to be is the colour it reflects, the colour it absorbs is the same as its shadow. Although this work might ostensibly be a picture of a Drive-in, albeit abstracted, it is both a blank slate (Tabula rasa) and a black hole, it is supposed to invite reflection and subsequent projections.

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