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Alberton Panorama 1958-2003b600
Drive-in (adj., n.)(denoting) a public facility used by patrons in their cars.

This is not a Drive-in!
This is a picture of the Alberton Panorama Drive-in, taken four years ago.
This is, however, not the way the Alberton Panorama Drive-in even looked four years ago.
This is a digitally altered, slightly sentimental, representation of The Panorama Drive-in.

Effigy (n) image or likeness of person or thing

The Panorama Drive-in was completely demolished in 2003 and sold as scrap metal.
This is a symbol, an idol and a substitute.

Memorial (n) 1. something serving to commemorate a person or thing
(adj) 2. serving as a memorial.

The interesting thing about a Drive-in is that it only works at night. Our idea of a Drive-in is largely based on the fact that one watches movies on their screens. We are generally less concerned with the structure behind the image or the technology in front.

Project (n) 1. planned scheme to do or examine something over a period.
(v) 2. make (a film or slide) appear on a screen.
3. communicate (an impression)

If one considers the age age-old question of whether a tree in the forest makes a sound if no one is there to hear it fall, one might consider it relevant to ask when exactly a Drive-in dies. Is it when the light of projection touches its screen for the last time, or upon the deconstruction of its intricate pattern of metal, or…….when we forget to remember them?

Reflection (n) 1. image of an object given back by a mirror etc.
2. conscious thought or meditation.

There is a quite significant space in Alberton where the Panorama Drive-in once stood. This
fundamental absence serves to create an enormous presence and I imagine that patrons of
the Panorama flea market, which has made the old cafeteria complex its home, sense that
something is missing. I believe in the inherent left behind energy of even inanimate things,
and I believe in taking due time to remember and sufficient time to mourn and/or celebrate.

Commemorate (v) honour or keep alive the memory of.

This is a symbolic representation of loss and a memorial to the memorable, that aids in our
reflection and makes us question our current projection.

This is a gravestone.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, to pay our last and loving respects to the
Alberton Panorama Drive-in. May she rest in peace…..

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